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The amazing patented construction concept

In 2008 MLC Enterprises observed waste and inefficiencies in the utilization of the brick ties used to support brick veneer walls.


The company’s CEO specifically noted a large number of brick ties discarded to the ground during the application process and the resulting waste from unused ties. He reasoned this waste occurs when brick masons take a handful of ties, apply what they need to the wood frame, and drop the remaining unused ties to the ground. He also observed that the design of the ties cost the brick masons additional time in securing the ties to the frame.

Based upon these observations, he invented three ties that reduce application time, increase efficiency, and reduce waste.

Why does the patented RFW Anchor brand flat anchor make sense?

“The strength of a resource lies in the effectiveness of its use.”

Featured Product

Introducing RFW Anchors brand as the first Flat Anchor available in the market today.

Slide Pre-drilled holes Pre-drilled holes spaced 25 inches
apart provide easy application when
nailing the Flat Anchor to the wall.
Perforated anchor lifting The metal surface features perforated
edges to pull the anchor from the strip
for precisely measured brick placement.
Patent-pending design The design and accuracy of the Flat
Anchor reduces installation times and
eliminates human error due to inaccurate
placement calculations.
Industry-standard accuracy Development of the Flat Anchor
incorporates industry requirements,
providing accurate spacing and
exact installation based on code
Dimensions Width: 1/16 inches
Height: 10 feet
Length: 7-8 inches
Galvanized metal Manufactured to provide sustainable durability and
adjustment depending on the wall height for the
Disclaimer: This rendering is for illustrative purposes and is not an exact representation of the product.

The Product

Patented Flat Anchor

8-inch strip of galvanized metal with perforated edges to remove perpendicular to the strip. The Flat Anchor provides precisely measured placement for brick layers, designed with pre-drilled holes for precision and ease in nailing anchors into wood.

How many do you need?

It takes roughly 140 traditional brick ties to build a 2,000 sqft house. Since our anchors have 6 brick ties incorporated, it only takes 20 anchors (1 box) to build a 2000 sqft house.

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